World of Warcraft: Shadowlands glitch kills covenant leader Kyrestia

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Since World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players entered the afterlife, every covenant has played an important role in the storyline, and "The Eternal" has led them. Each member is called the Pantheon of Death, and everyone has the same power as a Titan, which usually prevents them from being killed by mortals. However, even though the WOW Classic Gold heroes had recently confronted Sire Denathrius, they discovered an unexpected way to destroy Archon Kyrestia in the fortress.

In the game, the eldest son Kyrestia the Firstborn is the ancestor of Kyrian, responsible for transporting the soul to the land of shadows. However, as the community learned in the "Fortress" afterlife video, her strict adherence to the path of ascension discouraged many Kyrgyz people. Players noticed that her former spokesperson, Devos, had opinions. To many people's disappointment, they had to assist the Archon to maintain the status quo. However, there was a group that tried to make the consul do something, but it had no dire consequences for the afterlife.

Although Keristia is usually not attacked, user Xorihn explained that the organization's warlock summoned a doomsday guard who broke free during their run of "Top of the Ascension". Despite being hostile, the Doomguard only followed a group of people until after the final battle with De Vos. At that time, the Doomsday Guards began to attack Kylistia and eventually killed her, killing the entire party, with a message: "When the consul died, all lives in the area were wiped out."

Kyrestia may be attacked by Boss or affected by abilities, which means that the battle is more like a healer-centered battle centered on "Redemption of the Sun King" rather than a simple battle in a live broadcast. Since the Shadowlands dungeon has been damaged by many unavoidable gatherings, it is likely to be deleted to protect the healer from the pressure of replacing the wiper technician.

In addition, this unique death situation helps explain why Primus is currently missing in Nasria Castle or Sire Denathrius has not been killed. But if the eternal die, their realm will be destroyed with them. Considering these consequences, the final battle may not be as simple as overthrowing the jailer from the power of the Maw. Although this revelation raises most of the problems, eternal problems and replacing or cutting off their links with each field will likely be resolved in future content patches.

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