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If you win, you get 1k and your dog might become a Champion Dog. To become a winner, your pet has to fight in 2-29 battles. How to play for HEROES. Your dog must be a champion to playwith. You will be notified whenever your dog grows to RuneScape gold a winner.

Challenge an NPC. You'll be fighting just against winner puppies, but you may choose to allow your winner dog or large crab fight. Choose a move. Champion Dog: Bite, Scratch, Jump. Jump will cause your dog to jump and scrape the opponent. For the dog to develop into a Hero, you have to fight 11-36 Battles in the Hero tower. For the crab to become a Heroic Crab, it must fight 12-43 Battles.Wet pole Jump-you jump on sticks across a pond-agility- should you fail you slide on the wet sticks and fall into the oceans, causing 1 damage, swim back and try again. Tremendous Dive-Things get harder here. There is a large, wide pit full of water. You do a head first dive into the pit and to the water, and then you grow up the ladder positioned on the wall- agility- If you neglect you do a giant belly-flop giving 5 harm, then continue on

Swinging Axes-You run beyond 5 swinging axes- agility- should you fail an axe cuts doing 6 damage, which will also send you a bit. Rockslides and avalanches- you run through a ravine while stones and boulders fall, you must dodge themagility -if you get hit you fall down and take 5 damage.

Double Rope swing- you swing from ropes again, but this time you swing from 1 rope to the next - agility- should you fail you miss the next rope and fly into the pool of sand below. Through the Fire and The Flames- There is a dragon at the end of the obstacle and its own shooting bolts of fire at you! Dodge the flames, make it to buy osrs gold safe the finish and the dragon will permit you to pass to the final obstacle- agility- if you fail you get crushed by a flame and take 8 damage

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