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As rivalry begins to get tougher, Microsoft continues to Madden 21 coins procure deals to secure more and more high-profile titles on Xbox Game Pass. In addition to putting every Xbox Game Studio title on the platform, Microsoft has also poached some popular third party games to join its own subscription service. Now, we have got our appearance at the following listing of Xbox Game Pass titles, and it is heavy on sports matches.

As usual, Microsoft took to Xbox Wire to announce the new improvements to Xbox Game Pass. This month, players can expect to see the next titles become available on the gaming subscription services. Some of the most notable titles here are Madden NFL 21 and NBA 2K21. Both less than a year old, Madden and 2K are hugely popular every year. As a result of Microsoft and EA's deal that brought EA Perform to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, readers will be able to jump in and enjoy Madden NFL 21 free of extra cost.

NBA 2K21 is also a huge get for its stage, as 2K is always among the best-selling titles every year. This will be a excellent chance for basketball lovers which might have been waiting to see the game get a discount. There's no specified date for Star Wars: Squadrons, but it's been verified that fans are going to be able to jump into the cockpit at the end of March.

Of all of the possessions for Madden NFL 21 to have a crossover with, nobody could have anticipated that the SpongeBob Squarepants franchise to make an appearance. However, this is exactly what is occurring, as SpongeBob's appearance from the latest Madden game is set to occur sometime tomorrow. Although it's still unclear about what the crossover is going to comprise, as it could be anything from particular Ultimate Team Cards into a Bikini Bottom-themed arena, the larger question is just why the SpongeBob-themed event is happening in the first location.

Although it is surely going to be odd to see SpongeBob sharing the stage with football players in Madden NFL 21, the confusing event isn't without reason. Surprisingly, there's an explanation behind the sudden SpongeBob teasers, and mmoexp scam it ties back into the property that Madden is based on.

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