They are possible OSRS gold monsters from levels 1-360

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Aladrial will then start to wail on you. Run for your life from Zanicks cage and prepare yourself for a challenging fight. Aldrial can't hit you , but you cannot mage or include this RS gold place either..its mainly a place that you run, eat,bud, summon, etc..

. .however. . Lets state Aladrial is meleeing you which is exactly what she does initially...(hits 30'-40's) run to safe spot turn on protect from mage and run back. . .Aladrial will get confused start to mage you for 5 hits (hits 20's-30's), then will drain your prayer to 0.

Then you can run to safe spot, eat, pot, and turn protect from range. . .run back. . .And Aldrial will range you to get 5 hits (hots 15's into 25's) and drain your prayer to 0. You can repeat this as many times as you'd like and try to kill her with your preferred combat of choice. Once Aldrial is dead, you'll be hit with a retropution type spell which no matter how many hitpoints you have will take you to 1 (should you've got 1 hitpoint it won't go any further down).The Lunar staff special has a chance of healing up to 5 HP to the caster. This doesn't depend on how high the caster strikes; when the caster splashes he or she could nevertheless be awarded 5 HP.

The instructor and learn wands hit harder when attacking larger monsters (dragons, giants and orks, oh my!) *. The master wand, naturally, will have a better bonus within Buy old school runescape gold the teacher wand. This doesn't use the special bar. Apart from that, the instructor can hit twice per cast (like the DDS) for 33.3percent of the special bar and the instructor wand could do the exact same for 25 percent of the bar.

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