The adventurer assembles all the things

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Next, you need to slay the demon. To find the demon, you have to find Glough, in the RuneScape gold Grand Tree. He will say he left ANOTHER demon, a more powerful one, but does not know where it is. What you do not know is you want to walk to Eagle's Peak and you will find it in a secret cave. You'll slay it and select up its head.

Then, you must capture a wind. This sounds impossible, but actually functions. Talk to the Archaeologist out of Desert Treasure. He will be very happy to help. He'll provide you a slate with a seemingly unreadable spell. Take this to the man at the Varrock Museum and he will say it signifies'Ay Masnay Formoasay Beatleay'. Use this using a Bottle and you'll get an Enchanted Bottle. Proceed to the desert and as soon as you walk in, a wind will fill your jar.

Oldak gives you a tele-orb. The mighty adventure makes his/her way to the nearest fairy ring and dials up Yu'Biusk. Once in Yu'Biusk the experience makes his/her way into the sarcophagus, and trys to start it. This triggers a cut scean in which we see a ghostly type of Zanik reaching out and calling your character's name, you reach out to Zanik, but your hand passes right through her and she mumbles something about early magick of the fairies until she vanishes.

The mighty adventure then makes his/her method into Zanaris and talks to the Fairy Queen. Yes, thanks to you adventurer what can I do for you? Well (you inform Zanik's story) and that is why I came to you. Interesting narrative adventurer but what do I do to help? I was wondering if you know of any historical spells which could help? Hmmm...I think maybe there is. I vagely remember an old story my mom told me about a spell that could release anyone trapped. I think it included a blend of magic runes, fresh blossoms, metal ores, and new flowers.

That's great your majesty, can you recall exactly what these items are? Yes, here let me write them down for you. I'll return later.

The adventurer assembles all the things (Snowdrops could be attained by choosing some from the Garden of Tranquility you helped create for Queen Elamaria, also starflower at a simular manner it was obtained in the fairy tale prt two quest). Then they return to the Queen. I've gotten all the things you asked for your majesty

Queen: Great, I will cast the charm. A Cutsceane of the Queen doing magical things, then. . .nothing interesting occurs. It did not work! Hmmm, maybe I am forgetting something. Why not discover the book the story was writen in cheap RS gold and bring it back to me. Where could I find it? I'm not certain, but you can request the fairy godfather he can understand wehre you'll find it, it was called Fairy Tales.

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