Let us just say the window Madden NFL 21

It's really upsetting as a fan to see EA Play's"EA SPORTS" trailer only reveal Madden and Fifa

Even though NHL21 is going to cheap Mut 21 coins be the exact same game year, I feel like that cements the fact that EA doesn't care enough about us imo. Is not going to say that there's a pandemic that stopped the NHL season? FIFA and Madden have all that they will need to produce a game. Winner for this year where we don't know if there's likely to become a Stanley cup. It's minor but it for certain delays the process of discharging Madden NFL 21. They obviously do not have much of a contingency program and you can be frustrated together but this isn't because they wanted to knock off their NHL fan base like many of you assume. However, being irrational is exactly what this community welcomes all men and women that are racist and melts of. Should you project shit shit is attracted by you. And there is a great deal of shit in this world.

I wonder how the NHL feels about having their license be neglected by EA when the league is trying to grow the game. You'd have to think they are fairly displeased. Onder the NHL feels about having their game represented as a 1 man show that isn't even close to resembling how baseball is performed? The NFL power brokers don't care that the sole"simulation" of their sport features blockers who only get a pre snap assigned opponent rather than respond to the genuine ongoing play with some visibly dumb looking outcomes. These dudes do not give a shit if game and the license makes cash.

The only real change the NHL will create is to induce EA to knuckle down on the actual online names, which is a problem that's been emphasized for ages. They will try and make the game more inclusive, and let us be fair, hockey still has that"white sport" reputation, by suggesting that more rap music or some other stuff misguided rich men think woke kids like is sprinkled across the top. On kneeling the NFL has done a U turn, I am expecting a cutscene of some players doing so, they'll be silhouetted, to be showcased in Madden 21.

These two leagues ever get involved in Madden NFL 21s that bear their logos Madden NFL 21 does actually represent something with that game that the organization would rather pretend does not really occur. Blood on the ice, helmets flying off in football, concussions. It can be used by them as a vehicle to push a PR offensive. They don't give two shits about the quality of gameplay or competent AI. Provided that it's making a profit and does not showcase simulations of unsavoury real life stuff for YouTube, then Madden NFL 21 must be good!

I don't think they are neglecting it. They just are not pulling on the revenue from other Madden NFL to improve this one. For not moving above call of duty, you can be frustrated at them but that EA things. My glass that is half states they're using this opportunity than what would of been originally released to generate a better game. Which is the opposite of neglecting considering madden 22 is preparing for development while NHL 21 is still under development. Let us just say the window Madden NFL 21 to be made has improved 3 months, or buy mut coins madden 21 if the NHL season finishes.

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